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Whole Food Pet Nutrition

For years, I've been creating custom pet food diets and treats for our community in the beautiful town of Telluride in southwest Colorado. They genuinely promote wellness and vitality, and are sourced from small, ethical ranches in Colorado. We now are offering our single protein treats and soon will have my whole food recipes available for your pet so you can see why our customers have written such amazing testimonials. Thank you, Marney Zafian

Natural Modern Nutrition meets Traditional Chinese Food Therapies

We combine these two modalities using the healing properties in our ingredients, that we as westerners don’t credit to foods, and blend them with the scientific attributes that modern medicine has defined for these foods to promote wellness. Each of our diets include a variety of proteins, vegetables, and medicinal herbs to create a fully balanced meal.

Hand prepared using only the best ingredients from small, ethical ranches

We put the utmost care in selecting the quality of ingredients that go into each recipe we make in our kitchen. Our proteins are sourced from local ranches in Colorado and are USDA Inspected. We are on a first name basis with the people we buy our ingredients from and truly believe they are the healthiest available.


Element Pet Nutrition has given my older dog, Birdie, a new lease on life. When I met Marney, Birdie had several large lipomas and was having hard time keeping food down. I began feeding him the food that Marney makes and now, six months later, the fatty tumors are gone, his digestion is normal, he is energetic and we are all very happy. In fact, we are so happy with the changes in Birdie's health that we have Marney ship us her Element Pet Nutrition food from Colorado to our home in California. It's the absolute best.
Nona Olivia
Marney and her food are superb! My dog Zelda is a rescue dog and her health and personality have been a big challenge. She has come a long way in the last 6 years I have had her, but I have noticed significant improvements since I started working with Marney and feeding her a specialized Element Diet a year ago. Now Zelda is always excited to eat, her coat is shiny, her stools are regular, she is stronger, and more playful with other dogs. In my opinion the food Marney makes is worth every penny for Zelda's health and well being.
Tanya Paliani